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Kek, renewable shills getting desperate. First they attack nuclear on the issue of environmental impact. Then it turned out wind turbines are a bird and bat meat grinder, solar panels are short lived and harder to dispose of safely than depleted nuclear fuel and nuclear powerplants are zero-emission and extremely space-efficient. Now they are actually bringing in economic arguments, which is double-retarded, because power supply isn't there to make money, but to allow contemporary civilization to function. Meanwhile renewables other than water (with dams having accidents that make Chernobyl look like a fucking picnic) are extremely costly and supply power only occasionally.
It's all a moot point anyway, because we looked at the data and what we found might surprise you: infinite growth is impossible, catabolic collapse is inevitable, we are entering the age of decay and the infrastructure of current complexity is unsustainable beyond a couple of generations. Investing precious resources in extremely inefficient retard garbage like wind or solar is merely going to hasten the coming of the next dark age. WTF I love renewables now! #accelerate
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