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Yeah, @zelbekon seems to have voiced the issue that immediately sprang to my mind when I saw this user-ownership initiative: this would likely mean the end of hands-off approach that the current owner had.
Technically it could be great, possibility of new features, more uptime and optimized performance. But there's also the greatest danger online communities face: ideological takeover.
For me, perhaps the greatest appeal of soup was that it's an anti-echo-chamber. If you're a conservative or further to the right, most of the Internet is enemy territory for you. But soup is no-man's land. Here we have commies, trannies, fags, nazis, fascists, hardline Christians, complete degenerates, vanilla normies, meme junkies, whiny teens, anime avatars, furries, Chads, virgins, woke niggas and basic bitches, all boiling in one pot of... soup. The lack of moderation fostered a truly unique community that would be in jeopardy under new management.
We know the demographics of this site. We can see who's most likely to buy out the majority share. It's the (may Allah forgive me for uttering this word) Germans. It's not that I'm prejudiced against people of this nationality, some of my best friends are Germans (provided you interpret the term "best friends" extremely loosely), but the reality of the situation is that Germany is ran by commies and kikes. If you owned soup as-is, you'd probably go to jail for giving platform to nazis. To make the site palatable to your government you'd have to moderate the fuck out of it. You'd have to remove me and most of the people I like here. I'm giving you benefit of the doubt (maybe naively) that despite your ideological leanings you wouldn't do what lefties do every god damn time when they gain influence in an Internet community (and what @zelbekon probably had in mind in his initial reaction): sanitize it of any wrongthink and create a circlejerk like neoGAF. Still, you can probably see why I'd recognize this as a potential issue.
Say, new soup is open-source and @zelbekon imports the data and starts a clone here on the, ironically now, freer side of the Iron Courtain. What would be the point? The community divided in two would lose a large chunk of its appeal. It would no longer be the meme crack den slash intellectual fight club that I find to be my favourite place on the Internet.
Those are my concerns regarding the future of this site.
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