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The "blasphemy" line comes from the interpretation of the incident by the literal faggot who got b&.
Yeah, a kike reporting on a faggot being zucced for mocking a hamfisted taqiyya attempt - with all 3 parties involved being prone to lying about being persecuted you'd expect some shenanigans. But, BUT!
1) "Ok hun. [eyeroll]" is hate speech that nets you a 30-day ban.
2) "Islamic Blasphemy was never a reason to delete posts" - I don't know if you legit believe this, but if you do, allow me to explain. Islamic blasphemy by definition is some haji getting butthurt. When hajis get butthurt, it's islamophobia. Islamophobia is considered hate speech and not in line with the "community guidelines". You will get your blasphemous posts deleted if hajis report them. Unless it's Pakistan, then facebook will rat on you to get you killed for blasphemy.
I googled the story as well and found no source that would support your claim that fb tried to "protect a pro LGBT muslim (as if there is such a thing) from being mocked". Gimme 'em facts you have checked to confirm this wasn't a zucc by haji reports. For me this story is hilarious either way, because it's either:
a) fb zucced a fag for sharing a pic of hijab dyke and getting hajis' panties in a twist or
b) fb zucced a fag for mocking a dyke that was conducting positive PR operations for barbaric invaders that aim to kill all fags
Delicious infighting among leftists' pets.
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