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Here’s the thing with Sargon, I’ve been subscribed to him since 2014 when he was making videos about history and slingshots. Then #gg happened and his videos on the topic and anti-feminism catapulted him into popularity. He started making good money off his channels. That’s when he lost his edge, becoming a public person with financial dependence on his youtube presence. If he goes off the reservation, he’s going to either lose his channels and livelihood or go to jail for “inciting hatred”, or both. And so, he peddles the worthless brand of politically correct individualist liberalism that has no relevance in the reality of ethnicity-based conflict that is tearing his country apart. Muhammad and Jamal won’t read Locke, Sue Berelowitz won’t start giving a shit about raped goy girls. By actively trying to discourage white identity, Sargon is playing into the hand of forces he pretends to oppose. The only point I see in watching his content is getting your daily dose of the absolute state of Britain. He used to be relevant as a gateway drug to better content creators – it was thanks to him that I found Common Filth and The Right Stuff - but nowadays he just marinates in the stale community of “liberalists” who suck up to him. His content is bland, unfunny and cookie-cutter, a far cry from what he did before the fall of #gg. It’s a shame, I really did like him.

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