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1) Intergenerational transmission of guilt is a Stone Age moral concept that was long forgotten in European culture until Jews introduced it in regards to American slavery (although shylocks obviously never mention the dominant role they played in the Atlantic slave trade) and holocaust. I don't think you'll be able to find someone sane who thinks blaming progeny for the misdeeds of their ancestors isn't a repugnant and vile concept, but somehow people are all right with it when Jews use it to bring down ethnic Europeans.
2) Blaming discrimination for inability of negroes to work for a living, huh? Did they eat their words after decades of affirmative action made negroes even more lazy and disengaged from the labor market? I guess not.
3) Woman saying blacks have illegitimate children more often than whites is racism? Well, even in the wake of sexual liberation blacks are 2.5x more likely to have kids out of wedlock - fucking 29% vs 73%. Negroes are more likely than whites to have low moral standards, that's a fact supported by crime stats, not racism.
4) People tend to naturally form racially segregated communities if left to their own devices. Increasing population of negroes in a previously white community drives up the crime and lowers property value, that's reality not racism, and the process is well documented over the last half-a-century.
5) "57% whites say negroes run down their own neighborhoods" - is that really even a fucking question after we've seen what became of Detroit when whites left?
6) "43% whites say negroes not as civilized as whites" - I guess the low number is explained by the fact that back then there was no worldstarhiphop.com. But still, come the fuck on. Compare Africa to even the most shit-tier white country like Russia. Russians don't upload vertical phone camera recordings of communal witch burnings to the internet.
7) "Negroes care less for their children". At large they literally have r-selected reproductory strategy both in Africa and the US.
8) Negroes have lower intelligence. American ones have the average IQ of 85 compared to white 100. That's still higher (thanks to generations of low-key interbreeding with whites) than feral African ones with avg. IQ at about 70. Euroasiatic races are more intelligent with the probable cause being that millenia ago they have interbred with big brain neanderthals present in the north, while negroes and abbos did not. Social constructionist retards don't believe in biology, tho, so they don't believe black kids hold back school classes either.
9) Equality between races is inherently impossible due to biological differences affecting intelligence on societal scale and therefore civilization-building capacity. Interbreeding with blacks is a step down for every other race except abbos.
10) Whites against negroes moving in their neighborhoods and forced diversity in schools? Wew, find me someone who'll want the value of their property being driven down and the standard of the school their kids attend nosediving. Shit, must be racism.
11) Why riots happen? Because of the reasons stated therein. Even the communist plot one is valid, because commie Jews run NAACP.
In conclusion, pretty much all of the "controversial statements" in this vid are hard truth. It's interesting to see, though, that BBC has been shit-tier Marxist propaganda tube ignoring reality or calling it racist for decades. I thought it was a recent development.
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