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Sargon is anything but radical.
Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, I've been subscribed to him since his channel was tiny, but he's an Anglo and comes with a full set of Anglo values. If you asked him what's wrong with Islam, he would respond that it hates sodomites and keeps women in check. Stuff like that makes me cringe.

He's very good as a gateway drug into conservatism proper (hell, it was him who pointed me towards Common Filth), being a very moderate critic of certain cultural diseases, but that very moderation is also his main shortcoming. The sizable audience he has acquired binds him to remain a fence sitter on many issues that I see as essential if one wants to push forward the debate. You won't see him entertaining the ideas of the JQ, white nationalism, race realism, political disfranchisement of women or sexual restraint - ideas that are a basic necessary requirement for the preservation of the Western civilization, but are still considered 2egdy4u within the current reach of the Overton window.

So yeah, he's good as the entry-level shitlord, but if one eventually doesn't go beyond the safety of the discourse he entertains, it's a waste.
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