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January 16 2017

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Hmm… How can we make it #progressive to hate poor people?
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The East Syrian city of Deir Ezzor has been cut off by ISIS and completely besieged since May 2015. It has been a home to a Christian minority since the Apostolic Age.
Before the war the city had a population of over 200k people, now only half of that remains. The siege has obviously brought with it a humanitarian crisis, as whatever supplies can be brought to the remote pocket by air are never enough.
Still, Deir Ezzor endured thanks to the heroic effort of the elite Republican Guard, 104th Airborne Brigade, local militias and Shia volunteers from Iraq. The besieged troops are commanded from the front lines by the - now pretty much legendary - Major General Issam Zahreddine and repelled attacks from veteran ISIS units on the daily basis.
However, before the Iraqi capital city of the Caliphate, Mosul, was encircled by government forces in the late 2016, significant numbers of ISIS fighters left for Syria. They were seemingly dispatched to finally break the defenses of Deir Ezzor and free up the ISIS elite tied up there.
Yesterday, the massive attack begun and today the pocket has been split in two, cutting off the vital military airbase through which the city has been resupplied.
This might be the beginning if the end for Deir Ezzor. The people who daily faced the terror of being surrounded by savage fanatics for years may soon be at their mercy. If it comes to that, the massacre to follow might very well be the most atrocious one to be suffered by the Syrian people since the early days of ISIS conquests.
And yet, the media who shed crocodile tears when Aleppo was being liberated from jihadists, now keep completely silent. What a (((coincidence)))...
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January 15 2017

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Didn't the cover up of Rotherham or Cologne taught you anything? You are legit expecting truthful official statistics regarding non-white crime in Europe?
Besides a) most of the non-whites invading Europe do not come form Syria b) those who come From Syria ceased to be refugees after they flew from the first peaceful country, so their "human right to seek asylum" should be regarded as null and void and c) Syrian migrants that invade the EU are overwhelmingly supportive of the anti-government factions in the war (ie. they took up arms against a secular government which defended the minorities), they wanted to violently instate a Sunni theocracy.
I know that living in Germany or Austria, you went through an intensive globalist indoctrination program and you will probably disregard any of my arguments and opinions on the basis that I'm a hateful racist fascist bigot, but just try to imagine that importing adherents of a hateful, racist, fascist and bigoted ideology which at its very core seeks to conquer and subdue non-believers either by open violence or under peaceful facades, is not a great idea.
It's soul-crushing to see how in the West young people like you in have been indoctrinated into being ideological footsoldiers of the establishment. You are fucking up the future of your society, hell, of this entire continent, and you feel virtuous and good about yourself doing it.
Bud don't mind me, I'll stay in my racially homogeneous ethno-state with steadily declining crime rates, in which Muslims do not want to "claim asylum", because our welfare is shit.
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"S-stop noticing simple facts, you stupid goyim!"
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More like (((Kaplowitz)))...
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